Texas High School
​Football History

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Records of public schools and individuals compiled by historian Joe Lee Smith 
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  Updated records through the 2022 football season are and volumes of new material have been added for your viewing.
     The biggest addition as of June 26, 2017 is season-by-season records of thousands of U.I.L. 11-man football schools.  This includes many schools now playing in the
​6-Man League who formerly participated at the 11-man level.​
      These records are ever-changing as research continues
almost daily.  New updates are added to the website constantly if you want to check back on your favorite team or teams.​​​​ ​
      All-Time individual records are also updated through the 2022 campaign.​​​  Our next challenge is to find more records for those years prior to 1990.​
       Bountiful research during the last three months and
new material from ​​readers --- including coaches and media​ --- have enabled us to update and make corrections to the records more than 200 schools and 300 coaches.
       This is an imperfect endeavor but those of us involved continue to seek the most accurate records possible.  We rely on readers to help us make corrections and we really appreciate that assistance​.


    We are especially pleased to make available the season-by-season records of each U.I.L. 11-man head football coach.​  This is the first time ​for such information to become public in this format.
     It is very interesting to follow the careers of coaches from the early 1900s to the modern day. Today, many teams can play 11 to 16 games per season due to the current playoff system.  Also, there are ​10 state champions in the five 11-man classifications.​
​     Prior to 1982, only one team per district advanced to the playoffs and now there are three to four teams per district.​​​​​ ​ Class 2A (formerly B and 1A) schools did not begin playing for state championships until 1972.
       If you have verifying information, we welcome any correction or addition regarding any team, individual or coaches record.​​​​


History Making Coaches

​​​***Jewel Wallace is the only UIL coach to win state championships in basketball and football.  His El Paso High team nabbed the 1941 cage title and he captured grid crowns at San Angelo (1943) and SA Jefferson (1949, Big City Conference).

***The only families to collect state football titles are Chuck York (Brady, 1959); sons, Toby (Cameron, 1981) and Todd (Corrigan-Camden, 2002); and, Jimmie Keeling (Lubbock Estacado, 1968), and, son Dale (Everman, 2001and 2002).

***Gordon Wood, G.A. Moore, Jr. and Tim Buchanan each copped state football trophies in four separate decades.  Wood​ won two at Stamford in the 1950s, four in the 1960s, two in the 1970s, and a 1981 title ​​​​​​---all at Brownwood. Moore picked up one at Celina in 1974, a pair with Pilot Point (1980, 1981), three more with Celina in the 1990s and another pair with the Bobcats in 2000, 2001.  Buchanan picked up his first in 1998, his second in 2009, four in the 2010s and two in the 2020s. 

***Pete Shotwell and Terry Cron are the only mentors to win championships at three schools. Shotwell did it at the highest level at Abilene (1923), Breckenridge (1929) and Longview (1937).  ​Cron collected his prizes with Bartlett (1992, 1A), Mart (1999, 2A) and Commerce (2001, 3A).​​​​​​